10 Things To Try This Month

10 Things To Try This Month

How’s summer been for you? With August rolling in and fall sure to be next I must say this summer has been one for the books. Last month, I can say I nearly crossed off almost everything on the list. The first time that is happened since starting this series. So, lets plan to knock it out the park this month and see if I can get everything done 100%. Here’s my top 10 things I want to try/do this month.

1. As an Atlanta Fashion Blogger, I have been doing great posting Monday – Friday. I’ve actually loved writing every day. My creativity has been through the roof. So, I want to continue this streak.

2. Tennis! Since fall is rolling in soon and the temps will start going down, I plan to get out to the tennis court.

3. Practice editing more. I’ve been doing a few vlogs lately and editing them. There’s so much to learn but I’m getting the basics achieved.

4. Start my blogging tips series again. I’m asked so many questions about blogging so this will be perfect for anyone looking to start or take what they have and do more.

5. Find a church home in Atlanta. We’ve been visiting a few different churches and we’ve made it our goal to find one we really love. Still searching so if you have any recs drop them below.

6. Calligraphy classes. Must take this. Anyone know where I can make this happen in Atlanta? Let me know.

7. Triple my Pinterest growth. I did amazing with my Pinterest #s in July. I finally found something that has worked for me and I will of course share it with you all soon. I’m always concentrating on my other channels but you have to spread evenly throughout each channel.  I never concentrated on my Pinterest account like I should have. I was at 70 followers forever! I finally decided to put forth more effort and within two weeks I was at 170+ followers! Freakin amazing.

8. Finalize my bday plans! Virgo season is approaching 🙂

9. Try a new recipe from Pinterest

10. Enjoy life & be thankful.

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