10 things To Try This Month

10 things To Try This Month

How was your fourth of July? With July opening with a holiday, I think it may have threw a few people off their game for the month. At least starting out, you start the month with a long holiday weekend and you’re ready to just relax even more. I know I was LOL I usually have my calendar for the month of major events, posts, etc written down so I can plan accordingly. That didn’t happen this month. But, things don’t always go as planned and that’s okay. Welp, to hop right into things here’s my top 10 things I want to try/do this month.

1. Consistently continue posting Monday – Friday. It’s truly a great thing if you can do it.

2. Finally put together the concept for my second Youtube video. It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to share.

3. Start crafting Marcus and I scrapbook that I have been meaning to make to document everything from our wedding and after such as traveling, family things, etc.

4. Get my home office back set up.

5. Drink water with lemon for the entire month.

6.Get back on my tennis game. Yes, I actually own the rackets and everything lol just have to get out and play

7. Convince Chloe (our puppy) to keep her hair bows in lol this is a serious task! Any puppy owners with tips? Let me know.

8. Work on my photography. I can’t always have a photographer, my assistant, or my husband around at certain times and I need to know how to get those great shots also.

9. Calligraphy classes. Must take this. Anyone know where I can make this happen? Let me know.

10. Enjoy Life!! xo

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