10 things to try this month

10 things to try this month

Happy December!! The countdown to Christmas is on and also to the new year. Every year/month we all make goals and to-do list on what we want to improve on and/or do and I want to begin to share some of my monthly things to try each month with you. I think by actually sharing the list on my blog this entitles me more to complete them. I honestly get halfway through depending on the month but I can’t wait to actually start #gsd.


*Update: If there is a line through the task it means it was completed. yay 🙂

1. Post on my blog at least 4-5x a week

2. Bake a chocolate cake (I actually did cupcakes last month and they were AMAZING!)

3. Take Chloe (my puppy) on a walk at least 3 x a week. She usually gets playtime in the backyard but being pregnant I also want to make sure I am staying in shape.

4. Complete my 2016 blog goals

5. Redo my media kit (so many new things to add just haven’t made the time to do so)

6. Find/Try a new holiday recipe (here I come Pinterest)

7. Try a DIY decor project

8. Plan my blog shoots a week in advance (so bad at this)

9. Watch every movie on the 25 day countdown to Christmas on ABC Family

10. Relax and Enjoy the little things 🙂

Do you have a list of things you want to do this month? Share them with me.

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